The birth of the Third Generation brought New colors and a lot of different patterns to adorn this set of twelve bears.

As with Jerry (the bear) from the Second Generation being a tribute to Jerry Garcia, Blues Man in the Third Generation was named after Ronald McKernan. "Pigpen" was and is now forever one of the Grateful Dead.

Pigpen died on March 8, 1973 at the age of 27.

The other eleven: Foolish Heart, China Cat, Haight, Ashbury, Reuben, August West, Daisy, Pearly Baker, Doodam Man, Uncle Sam and Esau are named from a Grateful Dead song, a song character and the famous San Francisco Street Intersection of Haight Ashbury. Then there is Daisy, born at Woodstock while the Grateful Dead were onstage.

All of the third generation bears retired as of October, 2000.

We are Sold Out of the Third Generation Bears.

Touch of Grey, Inc.

Take Me

You are the deadhead today.