Grateful Dead Bean Bears


All these bears are retired.

We are Sold Out of the First Generation.

There are times when we may run accross some of the bears and purchase them on the secondary market.

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Grateful Dead Bean Bears
Second Generation

The Second Generation of Grateful Dead Bean Bears were released in September 1998. This Set of Ten include: Jerry, Crazy Fingers, Dark Star, Daydream, Dupree, Ripple, Irie, Sunshine, Franklin, and Peggy-O.

On March 22nd 1999, Franklin and Irie were retired.

On October 20, 1999 Dark Star, Sunshine, Daydream, Dupree, Ripple and Peggy-O were retired.

October, 2000 Jerry and Crazy Fingers were retired.

Jerry the Bear is a tribute to the late Jerry Garcia. The other 9 bears in this total set of 10 are named after a character in a Grateful Dead song or from a Grateful Dead theme. Each bear comes with a new larger and re-designed full-color laminated hang tag than the first generation had. Along with the bear's name, birth date and favorite tour memory are the Liquid Blue logo and a UPC label. Jerry, Sunshine, and Daydream are the 3 Tie-Dye bears in this set.

We have Dupree and Franklin in stock.

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