Fort Pierce / Port St. Lucie Florida

Since 1998 a Reiki Circle has been held at Spiritual Path Foundation in Fort Pierce Florida

Friday December 9th, 2005 was the last Reiki Circle at Spiritual Path.

Spiritual Path Foundation has moved to Palm Bay Florida.
Information on their activities may be found on the website.

Spiritual Path Foundation Website

Please see the information below for

the Reiki Circle location.

What is a Reiki Circle?

Reiki practitioners conduct the Reiki Circle. The general public is invited to receive an abbreviated Reiki treatment by the Reiki practitioners in attendance at no charge or a donation.

Chairs are placed in a circle. Attendees sitting in the chairs are lead in a meditation. You sit, meditate and listen to soft music. When a Reiki practitioner gets to your position they will be placing their hands on varied areas of your head and upper body.

This is a way for the general public to experience Reiki and generate interest in the wonderful energy of this natural system of healing.

What can I expect to happen?

Anything can happen. You may be so relaxed that you feel groggy. Depending on what you needed from an energetic standpoint, you may feel anything from an increase in your normal level of energy to a drastic purging of your system.

You may feel nothing at all but most cases result in the gentle healing energy improving a condition you had prior to the session, helping to relieve pain and anxiety.

Fort Pierce Reiki Circle

The circle started January 6, 2006 and is being held at Port St. Lucie Unity Church.
2749 SE Morningside Blvd.

The church is located in a strip mall on Morningside Blvd.
West of Westmoreland Blvd.
Morningside and Westmoreland Blvd's may be accessed from Port St. Lucie Blvd.

The church has scheduled us to use their space for the Reiki circle every Friday.

The circle is facilitated by certified Reiki Practitioners.

Doors will be open around 6:45 PM
The Reiki circle will start at 7:30 PM

The church is providing space, chairs, electric, AC / heat and rest room’s.

Love offerings are appreciated.

This circle is facilitated for the community.

All are welcome.

Need more information? Please contact:


Jan: (772) 287-6885

January 1997 to January 26, 2007

Dog Speaks
When the life of your forebears was risky and dire,
I guarded their backs as they sat by the fire.
Devotedly with you since time out of mind,
Four loyal feet always trotting behind.
And when your life's over my duties abide;
I'll be there to serve as your spirit's last guide.
For I have been sent by the star gods above
To bring you their gift - Unconditional Love